ICP Glassware

Duran Glass Group

Dunelm Scientific specialise in the manufacture and supply of OEM replacement ICP glassware including; ICP torches, spray chambers, bonnets, injectors, etc. We also offer a custom service for bespoke requirements relating to ICP quartz & borosilicate glassware items.

ICP instruments depend on high precision glass technology. Often made from quartz and borosilicate, the consumable elements of these instruments are often scarce and expensive to replace or repair. This is due to the precision required and there are very few facilities skilled enough for their production. 

All quartz and borosilicate ICP glassware products tend to come from North America or Australia and are available for sale in the UK and Europe through distributors and OEMs. As you can imagine, logistically this has its problems, lead times are also affected and should you have a problem with an item this can take weeks to resolve. To ship these products from one side of the world to another is not ideal and comes at a price.

From our manufacturing base in the North East of England we have a history of high precision glassware production and have recently brought together that history and the latest technology in quartz and borosilicate ICP consumable product manufacturing.

As our products are manufactured right here in the UK, this means we can keep prices low and competitive while reducing lead times significantly.

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